Right so here I am again marking down the days of Lockdown in South Africa. Our President has extended the lockdown by another two weeks. I predicted this would happen, but I am surprised that it is only 2 extra weeks… Anyway I’m sure they will extend it again.

So what am I doing to keep myself occupied? Well this new Blog and the fact that I have turned to online affiliate marketing (And let me just add that I am a baby regarding “anything online”). Fortunately I do have the ability to adapt and survive. This time it’s different with a family, it’s not only about survival but so much more. 

My fellow freelancers seem to be stressing about the “no work, no pay” nature of our industry, especially since the lockdown means productions have come to a grinding halt. I should start thinking about the same, but my mind is focused on other ways of making a living – from home.  

It’s tough at home with two kids needing our attention and trying to focus on setting up a new system of online work, but here we are carrying on at a snails pace. On the brighter side i am excited about this new venture. I can still remember leaving for work and as I’d close the front door I’d hear Phoenix saying, “I want my daddy, why does he have to go, it’s not fair”. And off I’d go for a 12 hour day, trading my time for money at the expense of splitting away from my family. Sometimes we have to do what we must and yes many of you can relate.  

I was in the SA Navy for 2 years, then a Firefighter for 6 years and have spent the last 12 years working as a cameraman. Now as I see my time as a cameraman coming to an end, I am keen to the endless possibilities of earning an income through online work. Having a family of my own makes me realise how valuable time is. What matters to me most is financial freedom and spending most of my time with my family.

So, what have i learnt about working online from home (so far)?

1 – Headphones are your best friend. You can listen to podcasts, and videos while hanging the washing, doing the dishes or even while watching the same movie you’ve seen with the kids a million times… I’ve personally been watching a variety of youtube videos about Affiliate Marketing. There are so many great tips and guidelines for beginners and much more. 

2 – You need to have some kind of daily program. Working from home with kids who are homeschooled is difficult. You need to focus on work, as what you put in is what you’ll get out (ie. money). But your kids also need undivided attention. Cath has come up with a schedule so that while one of us is focused on the kids, the other is putting time into working online. The schedule allows for free family time in the afternoon. Trust me, you’ll need a break – this is getting off the hamster wheel anyway! Our main “online window”of opportunity begins around 21:00ish for about two solid hours. This is when Cath and I can work together as the boys are fast asleep. I’m a bit of a scatter brain and Cath is the extreme opposite. But we manage to keep the balance in check…    

3 – Pinterest is not only for women. Cath has been pinning for years, and trying to get me to join in. Up until a few weeks ago, I still didn’t think it had anything to offer me. Bear in mind Cath had been wanting me to look at pins about food, kids, hairstyles, ideas for our home etc…What I’ve discovered through opening a joint account with Cath is that Pinterest has so much information to offer, from fitness ideas, to work from home information, and even photography. I am still learning how the platform works for business, as I’ve discovered it is an essential tool in the kind of online and marketing work we are interested in. You are welcome to follow our Pinterest page. 

4 – Affiliate marketing is a good place to start. With affiliate marketing, you don’t have to create your own products, or have a website. You can simply use your social media to market products you are interested in. Through marketing the products you can generate an income when people purchase the items, or sign up for a class or subscribe to an online channel. It doesn’t cost you anything to do this, when starting small. It is something that you can grow at your own pace, and eventually you can have your own following.

5 – Effort equals results. There is no ‘get rich quick’ scheme that has proven to be 100% true. Making money takes time and effort. Although affiliate marketing and other online platforms can generate an income by working from home and can be quite lucrative, you need time to create platforms, do research and choose your options. You need to put in quite a bit of time first, but once it’s up and running it gets easier…

At the end of the day, no matter how crazy things might get, this is our journey and we are excited for what lies ahead. 

– Farrell