What started as randomly bumping in to each other lead to a casual coffee and endless conversations. It felt as if we had known each other in a previous life, and this was picking up where we left off from some parallel universe. Does this have anything to do with us sharing the same Gemini star sign? Who knows… One thing was for certain, we clicked in a way neither one of us expected to. From day one, our relationship never had the typical explosion of “stars in the eyes, over the moon” kinda vibe. It’s always been easy and real, nothing sugar coated.

On the outside we are very different. Besides a 16 year age gap between us, one of us is more observant, introverted, easy going and adaptable. While the other is always busy, extroverted, perfectionistic and structured. We don’t think other people had too much faith in our decision to be together. We noticed the awkwardness in their body language. It never bothered us though. We knew we connected on a deeper lever, and that there were many similarities – our longing for adventure, and a simple life to name just two.

After only 3 months together we found out that Cath was pregnant. It was totally unexpected, but we knew we were in it together and somehow that made the changes we were about to face seem manageable. We quickly went from being just the two of us, to filling the role of being parents. We thought our relationship had to take a back seat, as the growing baby slowly became the centre of our reality.

People cross paths and move in and out of each others lives. But there are moments in time that stand out. One of those moments is when you meet someone, and they resonate with you. If you share likeminded goals, and are headed in the same direction, you can journey through life together. The age gap between two people becomes a small factor. It’s not always easy, and nothing is set in stone. But sometimes you just know that this is what you want, and that means giving it your all without loosing yourself or your individuality.

We are in no way relationship experts. But our relationship is different to any of the others we have had before. The difference comes in when we look at what our relationship is built on – a strong foundation that is true to our individualities, and acceptance of each other as is…

The foundation of our relationship, is the same foundation on which we raise our family. It is based on respect, faith, commitment, honesty, openness, love, spirituality, excitement, kindness and trust. We are not perfect, but we are real… no sugar coating… and definitely not conforming to the “norms” of life and love in anyway.

– Farrell & Cath