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Our country has been in lockdown for the past 5 weeks… As of last Friday we dropped down to level 4, although there are still lots of restrictions and social distancing practices in place, schools are still closed, and a lot of people are still home. About three weeks before lockdown hit, we decided to take Phoenix & Joshua out of school, and homeschool them. Our days during lockdown doesn’t differ much to our usual home school days, except for two BIG differences. Firstly, we can’t leave our house – so no outings to the park, beach, aquarium or any other place we might go to for some time away from home. As often as possible, we try and plan our “outings” around what Phoenix is learning about. Secondly, only essential items can be ordered and delivered, like food – so we can’t purchase any educational resources and have to make use of whatever we have in the house.

Our mornings start early, and the time we wake up always depend on the boys. Both of them are “morning people” and us, well, not so much. From the moment they open their eyes, they are up and about. They have high energy levels without any sugar injections. Needless to say we cannot sleep in once they are awake. We stumble out of bed reaching for a cup of coffee knowing full well the day will get busier and busier. Having two active boys keeps us on our toes. As the boys are homeschooled we look for activities that not only keep them busy, but activities that allow them to learn while playing. Bare-in-mind we work from home as well, so we need to make sure they are actively engaged and enjoying what they are doing so that they stay busy for a while.
You might wonder how these activities differ to what you can do with your kids at any other time besides lockdown. Truth is, you can do these at anytime with them. The only reason we have called them lockdown activities is because it makes use of items that most people have at hand in their home – so no need to purchase anything from the shop (unless of course you run out of something like flour!)
Here is a list of the activities our boys have enjoyed doing the most:

1. Digging in uncooked rice to find hidden objects we used Paw Patrol pups as Josh loves them, but you can use any objects/toys)

2. Using tweezers to pick up cereal

3. Making a macaroni necklace

4. Flour writing
5. Messy play with spaghetti
6. Jelly dig

10. Gardening

12. Making a bird-feeder

13. Lego

14. Salt Dough Creations

15. Making a fort

16. Playing dress up

17. Water play

18. Making Binoculars

19. Digging in sago with construction vehicles

20. Baking

We hope you and your kids enjoy the activities!


– Farrell & Cath

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