It’s 21:30 and Joshua has eventually fallen asleep. He is our 7 month old son who is busy teething. Phoenix, our 4 year old son has been asleep since 20:30, Thank God.

So this is where I’m at: Covid-19 Lockdown day 7. I’m 45 years old and my career as a freelance cameraman has finally died after 13 years. I recently purchased a Fuji XT3 camera for stills as I am doing the transition from video work to photography, however there is very limited use for it during the lockdown. I am home with Cath and the boys. As a freelancer, no work means no income, so I need to think on my feet before things get real.

So what is my Plan?

Well Cath has just resigned from her job as a result of her back issues. So working from home is the only way forward for both of us. I am looking forward to it though. I’m over the video work anyway, and I don’t really want to go away on shoots anymore for obvious reasons. I am still keen on photography, but as a side hobby.

The kids take most of our attention during the day. We have taken them out of school and are homeschooling them. The day feels long just juggling the two boys between us while we try and build a new business together. We do not have a nanny to take care of the kids. My gut is starting to look like a 3 month pregnant woman…okay 5 months pregnant!!! Besides the lockdown, I don’t have much time to go for a run or go to the gym like I use to – two kids are no joke. We are somewhat stressed, and I’m not sure if that’s due to being stuck in the house or trying our hand at this new business opportunity with scattered time to focus on it (in the brief moments Joshua takes a nap and Phoenix is occupied with an activity).

We have been wanting to work from home and escape the rat race, so now is the time! This was a push in the right direction, a blessing in disguise. Although we have no idea what lies ahead, and no set path to follow, I am excited to see where this takes us. We did not plan for this… We are just gonna have to bite the bullet and juggle kids and everything else that comes our way. Loosing our minds and going completely crazy is a very real possibility… 

We have never all been at home together for such a long period of time. With my video work, I usually worked long hours or was away on a shoot, unless I was off. Phoenix has attended school since he was 2 years old, and Cath was a teacher and worked Monday to Friday. This was all before Joshua came along. And even so, after maternity leave, Cath went back to work, and both boys attended school. This is uncharted territory for me, for all of us. But we get to spend time together as a family, learning and growing with our kids. We don’t miss a thing. We watch Joshua starting to crawl and see how Phoenix is able to take something he has learnt and apply it. Cath and I get to try our hand at being business partners for the first time (think big eyed, grinding teeth emoji!) Let’s see how it goes… 

So here we go.

This is just the beginning…

– Farrell